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The Old Settlers Association and the Fraternal Order of the Round Rock Volunteer Fire Department Welsomes Round Rock's Engine 2 to the Firehouse Museum at Old Settlers Park (on Hwy 79 East of Round Rock) on Saturday, April 5th. AThere is quite a story to be told here. This is a 1943 Chevrolet which served the military as a Fire Engine until iot was sold to Round Rock in 1946. When the city came up short of funds, Leon F Behrens, father of Robert H Behrens of Round Rock, provided $1,500 to complete the purchase. Here it served until 1975: when the Jollyville Fire Company was formed and Engine 2 became their first Fire Apparatus. Similarly, when the Sam Bass Volunteer Fire Company was formed in 1980. Engine 2 was passed onto them where it served until the mid 80's.

Subsequently, Engine 2 was sold to a private owner and was lost. At thw  prompting of Robert Behrens, who said, if it could be found he would restore it; the Fraternal Order of the Round Rock Volunteer Fire Department went looking, and in 2012, with the help of Sam Bass Fire Chief David Kieschnick, it was found in a barn in Bertram. Thanks to Robert H Behrens and his team it has since been restored to it's original grandeur.

This is a remarkable addition to the other Fire Apparatus, the Circa 1884 Hand Pumper and Engine 1, a 1938 Ford, now on displat at the museum.
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